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Golden Egg No. 3: The Reason for Balance

Golden Egg No. 3: The Reason for Balance

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Golden Egg No. 3: The Reason for Balance

The good tree grows strong because it knows both

the blissfulness of spring and the bitterness of winter.

In opposition it finds balance and wholeness. 

The reason for evil is the existence of good

just as the reason for darkness is the light. 

Without it’s counterpart nothing would be. 



"Golden Egg No. 3: The Reason for Balance" is a 12" x 12" twelve color screenprint on gold foil paper. Prints are hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 36 and packaged in a protective plastic sleeve. Prints come with accompanying 6" x 6" word card and will ship flat. Please note, eggs may not start to ship until early May. 

Limited to one of each egg per order.


Shipping is $11.95 in the U.S, $17.95 in Canada and $21.95 everywhere else. 

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