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Mystery Print

Mystery Print

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Gone for now. 

Mystery Print! 

Prints are chosen randomly, no requests. Orders may include misprints, old prints, rare prints, who knows! Included prints will be of a combined value of over $100.

When is a print deemed a misprint? Our standards are pretty high for what we will ship out as a misprint - many of these prints won't have any easily visible indicators but things you may find are: small dings in the corner, ink smudges and erased edition numbers covered with an 'MP' (these were either misnumbered or double numbered prints). Each print is labeled MP and signed. 

Limited to one mystery print/person. It will not let you check out with two prints. Only 50 available


Shipping is $11.95 within the US, $17.95 in Canada and $24.95 everywhere else.



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