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Boreas and Helios (Limited Edition of 10)

Boreas and Helios (Limited Edition of 10)

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"Boreas and Helios" is a 9" x 12" high quality print adhered to a 1.5" deep cradled wood panel. Prints are each hand embellished with gouache paint and then finished with a layer of glossy resin. Each print varies slightly. They are numbered out of 10 and hand signed. The below poem is adhered to the back of the panel.

Shipping is $10.95 in the US and $18.95 Internationally. 


When Boreas blows cruel and hard,
He shivers through the leafless yard;
When Helios rises at yellowed dawn, 
he wakes with a colossal yawn. 
Boreas and Helios avoiding an age of reason, 
causing the light to never go out of season.
Poem inspired by Robert Burns' "A Winter Night"
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