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Each Day Spent is an 18" x 18" high quality giclee print on archival paper. Prints are hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 75 and embossed in the bottom right corner of the 1.5” white border. 



each day spent aboard the big ship, 2016
sometimes I try to catch change happening,
to feel the moment shifting and to understand where I just was and where I am going to be now. 
but this big ship is distraction of people who want to share feelings with each other  
to experience love, to understand that heartache is not only a word but a feeling and a place
and to realize that the connection you feel between yourself and another person is why you are alive.
~ ~~
each day spent aboard the big ship strengthens the argument for the soul, for past lives, for future lives, for generosity, for kindness. 
change will lead the blind and enlighten the lost
and sometimes it will hit you hard.
You either embrace the change or you fight it
but as much as you try you will never beat change.
you’re supposed to fall in, the fall is that feeling you can’t describe.
sort of like a hundred sunsets hitting you all at once
the big ship’s movement is subtle but it is there, it’s the ambassador of change. 
and sometimes the change is all you can hope for
Change is just the act of becoming something else,
and it already started happening long before you were ready.
Throughout time change is the only thing that we have been able to rely on.
So if it is going to be there anyways, you might as try to understand why it is happening
and realize that change might just be on your side.
If you find yourself boarding a big ship
full of strange and unfamiliar faces,
remember that change is going to happen
and some of those faces may soon become friends
and those friends will change
and you will grow closer
and you will fall apart
and you will replace these friends with new friends
and you may even fall in love with some of them.
Then you will look back and believe everything seems like it just was meant to be this way
and you will wonder how you could have ever hoped it would be another way
and you will hope it will stay this way forever
and then you will realize change is about to happen again
and the big ship will board
and you will be met with a thousand unfamiliar faces
but you will know what to do
you will look back, and you will change. 
I look out the window at sunset because that is when i can see change happening in front of me
and I can remind myself that each day spent aboard the big ship is another day that I have changed into something different
and I think that’s a pretty remarkable thing in itself. 
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