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Early Days (Blue Moon Edition of 40)

Early Days (Blue Moon Edition of 40)

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Early Days is an 18" x 24" eight color screen print with a hand-painted black gouache background on 600gsm watercolor paper. Prints are hand-signed and numbered in an edition of 40 per variant and comes with an accompanying poem/certificate of authenticity.

 Limited to one print per variant per party

Print details and specifics: 

  • Hand painted black flat with Jet Black Acrylica gouache
  • Paper size: 18" x 24" with hand torn deckled edges
  • Image size: 15" x 21"
  • 600 gsm Watercolor paper
  • 8 color screen print
  • Limited edition of 40 in each variant
  • Signed in bottom right corner by James R. Eads
  • Numbered in bottom left corner
  • Comes with a 6" x 9" accompanying poem/certificate of authenticity
  • Produced in our studio in Los Angeles
  • Release June 13th, 2019

I saw the end approaching,  
it happens all the time;
One thing ending,
another beginning,
with no warning or big boom
just a collection of subtleties coming together.
But we hadn’t seen an ending like this
  since the early days.
So I hiked to the top of the mountain
in the dark of the endless night
expecting to say goodbye to everything I once knew.  
I looked down at the village as it cradled the moon in its shadow,
preserving the last of the light we would ever see.  
I waited up there for what we would have called days,
if night hadn’t blanketed the village for weeks.
They said the sun was gone for good
and it would never rise again.
No longer did we call these the early days  
but the end of days.  

But then sure enough, there it was,
the sun approaching,
and now it happens all the time.

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