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Golden Egg No. 8: The Reason for Shattering

Golden Egg No. 8: The Reason for Shattering

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Golden Egg No. 8: The Reason for Shattering

Pain can feel like you are shattering into sharp shards,

you think nothing could possibly feel this bad, but this does.

In the crippling the suffering takes over.

But in the pit of the suffering a new light is born, and with this new light

you are given the opportunity to grow a greater light

and to use that light to heal the people around you. 



"Golden Egg No. 8: The Reason for Shattering" is a 12" x 12" twelve color screenprint on gold foil paper. Prints are hand signed and numbered in a limited edition of 36 and packaged in a protective plastic sleeve. Prints come with accompanying 6" x 6" word card and will ship flat. Please note, eggs may not start to ship until early May. 

Limited to one of each egg per order.


Shipping is $11.95 in the U.S, $17.95 in Canada and $21.95 everywhere else. 

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