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Goodbye, Helios (Edition of 180)

Goodbye, Helios (Edition of 180)

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"Goodbye, Helios" is an original 12" x 18" limited edition giclee print on archival paper. Prints are hand signed and numbered in a 3/4" white border. 

Goodbye, Helios.
by James R. Eads
"Careful, Helios" warned Night
"If you're foolish you'll use up all your light.
Make sure you rise when the time is right."
“Ha! Don’t be silly, Night.
Don't you know I am the light?
When I rise the Sky will ignite!"
“Yes, of course Helios you shine most bright
But even you have your limit of light. 
I know what I know, I am right.
And if you burn your light too bright
I’ll be alone, and it will always be the night."
“That’s Ridiculous!” said Helios to Night. 
Why do you always have to be so uptight?
I’m going to rise even brighter tonight
And then we’ll see who’s right!"
So the two embraced and said goodnight.
As they always did, even after a fight.
But this time Night held on extra tight
Because the Night is wise and always right.
And then, foolish Helios shined all his light
And that day, dawn was brighter than bright
and that was the last time dawn followed night.
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