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Mystic Cat Set No. 3

Mystic Cat Set No. 3

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Available at the Mystic Cache

Mystic Cat Set No. 3 includes three individual prints:

  • 'Mystic Cat Reaches a Fork in the Road but as Two Travelers' a 10" x 10" four color screenprint
  • 'Mystic Cat Plays with the Light' a 6" x 6" four color screenprint
  • 'Mystic Cat Docks' a 4" x 6" four color screenprint.
  • There are 20 colorways of each print
  • Hand signed and numbered in editions of 10 or less. 
  • Print packs are pre-assembled and shipped randomly, no requests. 

If you are collecting a specific color it is recommended you head to the Mystic Cat Trading Post


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