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Mystic Cat Set No. 4

Mystic Cat Set No. 4

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Available at the Mystic Cache on January 28th at 3PM

Mystic Cat Set No. 4 includes three individual prints:

  • 'Mystic Cat Meets Mystic Pup' a 10" x 10" four color screenprint
  • 'Mystic Cat and Pup Float through Space' a 6" x 6" four color screenprint
  • 'Mystic Pup Unpacks the Universe' a 4" x 6" four color screenprint.
  • There are 18 colorways of each print
  • Hand signed and numbered in editions of 10 or less. 
  • Print packs are pre-assembled and shipped randomly, no requests. 
  • Sets cost $40 each, 20% of proceeds will go to local animal rescue. 

If you are collecting a specific color, may I recommend that you head over to the Mystic Cat Trading Post

Mystic Cat Meets Mystic Pup is about the friends that we've met and have yet to meet. Pup is the unexpected companion that balances our inner feline. Initially hesitant to befriend such a gregarious character, it took some warming up to get used to new company. However, sometimes the most unlikely characters can help us open our eyes and gain a new perspective on the world. Together we all have the potential to unpack the universe.  

Rainbow Mystic Cat


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