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The Squirmie's Slang (Limited Edition of 50)

The Squirmie's Slang (Limited Edition of 50)

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"The Squirmie's Slang" is a four color screenprint on 18" x 24" black paper. Printed in a limited edition of 50, each print is hand signed and numbered. Prints ship with protective paper in a sturdy tube. 

This print glows under black light. 

The Squirmie's Slang
Boggling beauties so rare 
their slang ripples the air.
caresses and swoons
floats up like balloons
silly squirmies, squishy goons
Come here
lean in,
listen deep.
but the Squirmie's slang's
not yours to keep
Stay there
don’t wiggle.
The Squirmies scare
from the slightest jiggle
they'll splosh
and spurl
and twist
and twirl
they'll scoot
and scampish
and voggle
and vanish.
Can’t move, 
don’t blink
or the Squirmies
will be extinct.
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