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The Telling Hour (MP)

The Telling Hour (MP)

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This listing is for a misprint. Misprints are signed but not considered a part of the original edition. They are labeled "MP" instead of numbered and are typically off in size, scuffed, or otherwise imperfect. Imperfections aside, these archival prints are perfectly deserving of a frame and a spot on your wall! The print you receive may differ slightly from the print pictured here. All misprint sales are final.

The Telling Hour, when the beautiful harmony of all things is illuminated in a moment of truth.

"The Telling Hour" is a 20" x 30" combination giclee/screenprint inspired by an amalgamation of previous prints and is a continuation of "The Hours" series.  The print includes five different layers of glitter and a clear layer that seals the glitter on the print. The glitter gives the print a quality that makes it look like it's alive - the water shimmering, the lights flickering and the lilypads dancing. 
Glitter Locations: Black Diamond Glitter on the lilypads, White Diamond Glitter on the emblem in the center of the border, Garnet Glitter in the Stars and Boat, Blue Shimmer Glitter in the water and Bright Gold Glitter in the gazebo area. 
This print is limited to 1 per household.
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