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“We Talk of Flowers” is an giclee print on 9" x 12" archival paper. Prints are hand signed and numbered in limited edition and embossed in the corner of the 1.5" white border.
in another universe on this same day, we talk of flowers and embrace freedom and peace
but in this universe here, here we cry.
we cry for the hatred that has been given a platform in this country.
it goes against so much of what we have fought for over the last decades and centuries
we cry because our core beliefs are being challenged.
these things shouldn’t have to be fought for, they should be a given.
and one day they will be.
but until then we need to be better.
we need to not return hatred
because that is not who we are.
we need to show love and find peace. 
it’s hard to know what to do with these days
so I’ll keep doing what I’ve always done
and make art about universal truths
and try to influence the world for good
and know that one day we’ll talk of flowers here too. 
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